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Race regulations


1.1 All riders must sign a race disclaimer form that will be provided with the yearly membership form.

1.2 Third Part liability insurance is not compulsory but recommended. This shall need to be provided by the rider himself from any Insurance agency

1.3 If a rider does not have a valid insurance policy, he/she will be held liable for any accidents he/she might be involved in. All costs including legal fees shall be borne by him/her.


2.1 A number plate will be issued to each rider and is to be attached to the riders' equipment. The number plate must me attached in a manner which makes it clearly visible at all times. The same number shall be used throughout the entire race series events.


3.1 All race equipment must be kept in good working order with both front and rear brakes functioning.

3.2 Riders are to use a CE approved helmet at all times. (a full face helmet is required for DH events).

3.3 Riders will be automatically disqualified if found to be using any electronic means of propulsion.

3.4 The MMBA may stop a rider from participating should it deem that such rider does not have adequate equipment/gear and will therefore be disqualified from the race.


4.1 Unauthorized bike changes are not permitted during the timed qualifying runs and the race.


5.1 DH1

All riders (the Overall) - This will include all riders participating in the Wheel Wizard Downhill Series.  In this category the overall series championship will be determined and will be based on all 4 races (no option to discard race)

5.2 DH2

Seated riders  - This category will automatically eliminate a list of top riders determined from the 2017 series.  These top riders will only be able to compete in the DH1 category. (A list of riders will follow soon).  This category will have the one to discard system when determining the DH2 2018 championship.

5.3 DH3

This Category has been formed for new and beginner riders.  Riders with just one race under their belt from 2017 series may also ride under this category. This category will also have the one to discard system when determining the DH3 2018 championship.


During any event any rider with a race run within 2% of the winning run from upper category will be moved up to the respective category.  (example: If a DH3 rider with a race run time within 2% of the DH2 category winner will be moved to DH2).  This rule will apply for the first 3 races of the series and will apply retrospectively for all races. Decisions for any changes will be carried out at the discretion of the DH committee and not an automated system.


This year riders will have the opportunity to team up and register them self as a team BEFORE series opening race.  Each team must be made up of two riders per team. Teammates can`t be changed or swapped during the series.  Riders points will be quoted from the Overall and added to their respective team to form the Downhill Teams classification (we urge all treams to take a DH3 rider under their wing for training)


For all riders , Best run TIME of the day (from qualifications and race run) of all riders will be quoted and added to the Best Run Challenge championship. Best total Time at the end of the series wins.  Best Run Challenge will be based on all 4 races and any missed race will have a 3 minute penalty added on to their overall time.


Top 3 DH3
Top 3 DH2
Top 3 DH1 (Overall)

Clothing and protective equipment.
Any Lycra / Elastin based tight-fitting clothing is not permitted.
A full-face helmet must be worn and properly secured both when racing and when training on the course. The helmet must be fitted with a visor. Open-face helmets may not be worn.

It is strongly recommended that riders wear the following protection:
Back, elbow, knee and shoulder protectors made of rigid materials,
Protection for the nape of the neck and the cervical vertebrae,
Padding on shins and thighs,
Broad full-length trousers made from rip-resistant material incorporating protection for the knees and calves, or broad-cut shorts made from rip-resistant material plus knee and calf protectors with a rigid surface,
Long sleeved shirt in winter – short sleeve shirt in summer,
Full finger gloves

Riders must pay attention to the quality and characteristics of the gear, seek advice of experienced riders, coaches or technicians, procure the gear from professional and reliable suppliers and rely on their own judgment. If in doubt, always seek advice.

The rider shall be responsible for the choice of the gear and for its use, and also for any installation of POV cameras in order to avoid any danger.

Any rider competing without the required safety gear will have 5 points deduction in any given run during timed qualifications and race run.  These points will be deducted from the rider's overall series classification points and in any respective category

The MMBA reserves the right to stop a rider from participating in its event should it transpire that such rider is not wearing adequate gear.

May we remind you that DH racing is fun, but can also be dangerous, and that riders are racing at their own risk.

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