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Registration FAQ’S

Do I need an Insurance cover?
No. A 3rd party insurance cover is not compulsory when taking part in any of the series races, however it is highly recommended. This can be acquired from any insurance agency.

Do I need to be a member of MMBA?
In order to participate in the downhill series, an MMBA membership is required.

How much will membership cost?
The cost is €10.00 which covers the yearly membership.

How do I register?
To register as an MMBA member, you will need to download and fill in the membership form.

How much will it cost to register for each race?
The registration cost is €12 (XC) and €15 (DH) for each race.

Is there a discount if I register for the entire series?
Yes. A discount is given to those who apply for the entire series.  The total cost will be:

XC: €55 instead of €72
DH: €50 instead of €60.

Do I need parent/guardian permission to enter a DH race?
If you are under 18 years of age, you shall require a parent/guardian consent to enter any of the series races.
Malta Mountain Bike Association

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