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Race Regulations


1.1: All riders to sign a race liability disclaimer form provided with the yearly membership form.

1.2: Third Part liability insurance is not compulsory but recommended. This shall need to be provided by the rider himself from any Insurance agency
1.3: If a rider is discovered of not having a valid insurance policy will be held liable for any accidents he/she  might be involved in and will have bear the costs of the damages incurred.


2.1: The MMBA will issue a handlebar number plate with which the athlete is to compete in ALL the races throughout the NPS.

2.2: The athlete must take proper care of the race number. A replacement number plate will be issued at the cost of €5


3.1: All competition bikes must be adequate for the race to be undertaken. The M.M.B.A. reserves the right     to prohibit any rider from participating should it transpire that his/her bike or gear (including clothing) is inadequate for participation in any race
3.2: Riders are to use a CE approved helmets at all times, before, during and after competition
3.3: Riders will be automatically disqualified if found to be using any electronic means of propulsion including e-bikes, except those participating in the E-BIKE category

3.4: All particapants in the E-BIKE category shall ensure that the e-bike power unit would not have been tampered with and that all power limits as established by the manufacturer are not exceeded at any given time . The MMBA will disqualify any such participant and shall report such tampering to competent authorities
3.5: The MMBA may stop a rider from participating should it deem that such rider does not have adequate equipment/gear and will therefore be disqualified from the race.
4.1: Authorized technical assistance during a race shall only consist in the repairs to or the replacement of any part of the bicycle other than the frame. Bike changes are not permitted and the rider must cross the finish line with the same handlebar number plate that he had at the start.
4.2: Technical assistance can only be given in the feed/technical assistance zones.

5.1: Categories for the Cross Country (XC) races are classified as follows:

5.2: Athletes in the OPEN category will be assigned to different age-groups as follows:
    • SPORT (19-39 yrs.)
    • MASTER 40+ (40-49 yrs.)
    • MASTER 50+ (50-59 yrs.)

5.3: Riders in the OPEN category will race the same numbers of laps designated for the route. Results will be presented in one list and each rider will be assigned his age group in a separate column.

5.4: Each class and age-group category will be presented with a medal for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placing.
5.5: In the event of an age-grouper (e.g. 40+) places in the top 3 in the OPEN category, the next age-grouper will be awarded 1st place.

5.6: Categories that don’t reach the minimum amount of three (3) riders, will only be rewarded for 1st place

5.7: Riders will only be allowed to change class from OPEN to ELITE class. Each category class is valid for an entire race season. Changes in the age-group categories are not allowed.

5.8: Any participant who is under the age of 18 years shall have the required membership form and race disclaimer signed by his parents or authorized guardian.

6.1: Overall winners for each category will be determined on a ‘best out of 4’ system.

6.2: Points will be awarded as follows:

1. 250
2. 200
3. 160
4. 150
5. 140
6. 130
7. 120
8. 110
9. 100
10. 95
11. 90
12. 85
13. 80
14. to 38.: intervals of 2 points
39. to 60.: intervals of 1 point.

6.3: Riders tying on points will bee ranked by the greatest number of 1st places, 2nd places, etc.. In the case they are still tied, the points scored in the most recent race will be used to separate them.


7.1: A rider must act in a sporting manner at all times and must permit any faster rider to overtake without obstructing. The slower rider should move aside when possible and in a safe manner. PROPER and ETHICAL conduct is expected from all riders. The MMBA reserves the right to disqualify/penalize any riders who break this rule

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