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Malta Mountain Bike Association announces Official Partnership with Cisk 0.0 !!!

Malta Mountain Bike Association announces Official Partnership with Cisk 0.0 for the Cross Country (XC) National Points Series 2022

The Malta Mountain Bike Association has announced its collaboration with Simonds Farsons Cisk plc through its award-winning Cisk 0.0 Alcohol-Free Lager, launched in Malta just last year.

“The Association cannot be more delighted and grateful for garnering the support of one of the most popular brands in Malta, Cisk 0.0. This support is indispensable for our Association to provide the level of races that our members have become accustomed to,”remarked Pierre Zammit Endrich, President, Malta Mountain Bike Association.

This collaboration coincides with the launch of the 2022 Cisk 0.0 XC National Point Series Calendar for the year. The National Point Series will consist of a series of four cross country races, which will take place in different locations across the island and will culminate with the XC National Championships in June.

The first event of the Series will take place on Sunday 13th February, at 0800hrs in Miżieb. Applications for this race will close on Friday 11th February.

Like previous years, the series will be held in a variety of scenic yet challenging locations, the first of which will be Mizieb. The chosen routes not only depend on the technical aspect of the course’s terrain but also keep in mind the availability of shorter and less technical routes for our young riders and accessibility to the public wishing to enjoy the action.

More information on the Cisk 0.0 XC National Point Series can be found on the association’s website -


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